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The Conclusions of my Research on Atlantis are the fruit of almost 20 yearlong Study and a measure of Intuition and logic. My conviction is that the highly developed civilization of Atlantis is not a fictitious myth at all; indeed it was not only a reality during the past Würm-ice age ten thousand years ago, but still continues to exist in our present day although invisible to us because the survivors of the catastrophe of this time still exist woven in the frequency, that ruled at this particular time.

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Please Contact: Prof. Hubert Zeitlmair h.c.D.

  • Hist-101-102-103, Course Description (In Both English and German)
    Hist-101, Lost Atlantis - Course I (In Both English and German), €230
    Hist-102, Lost Atlantis - Course II (In Both English and German), €230
    Hist-103, Lost Atlantis - Course III (In Both English and German), €230
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The journalism profession is as rapidly changing as any in the world today. Being the best requires not only motivation and solid writing skills, but also a thorough education about the industry as it stands today. Many of today's journalism opportunities are being created in unexpected places. Talented journalists, trained in multi-media who are willing to bring technology and shed the light in new areas will be the industry pioneers of the 21st century. UQD is proud to have instructors with a solid history of success in this diverse field.

Your Tuition Fees for these Courses will be used for making possible 3D Printing in Micronesia, for which we Thank You ...

Please Contact: Sir Brennan Purtzer

  • Journ-201, Protecting your truth in an era of over editing, €200
    Journ-202, Intelligently balanced and sensitive reporting in native environments, €200
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